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Please expect slight variations between the candles. No Two will Ever be Identical


Adorn your home or Altar with this lovely tribute to The disregarded and oppressed Mary Of Magdalene. it is her time Retribution and Redemption. The woman known in Christian tradition as Mary Magdalene has been a controversial figure, interpreted by New Testament references as a repentant prostitute who fqound healing at the feet of Jesus, as a watcher at the Cross, as an attendant at Jesus' burial, and as the first person to hear the words of the newly risen Christ

A beloved figure to many Christians—she is a Catholic saint with a feast day of July 22—Mary Magdalene has suffered at the hands of some historians and been revered by others. While Roman Catholic tradition holds that Mary was a fallen woman who came to accept and revere Jesus and was present at his resurrection, more recent biblical revisionism has given Mary Magdalene a second look.
The Sophia of Jesus Christ names Mary Magdelene as one of a small group of men and women entrusted by the risen Jesus with preaching the gospel. In the Gospel of Philip she is referred to as Jesus' companion and as one loved more than all other disciples. This work's reference to Jesus kissing Mary on the mouth—a reference that appears in other texts—supports the contention that Mary Magdalene was Jesus' lover as well as his most ardent follower. In the Dialogue of the Savior and the Pistis Sophia she is cited as an equal among the other disciples, all men.



Due to being made by hand, no two will be exactly alike, Please expect slight variances

Embellished with ribbons, beads, Trinkets and various odds and ends
Perfect for any collector and makes a great gift

glass candle 



3 sizes available:
Mini - 4"ht x 2"w 
Regular- 8"ht x 2"w
Jumbo- 9" ht x 4"w


Ava Maria Prayer Candle

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