Osiris Deity Prayer devotional candle, 
Exclusively Divine design made by Ancient's Ire
Non scented

Each is handmade, therefore no two will ever be exactly alike, please expect slight variances between the candles


Osiris is the Egyptian Lord of the Underworld and Judge of the Dead, brother-husband to Isis, and one of the most important gods of ancient Egypt. He was also known as The Lord of Love, King of the Living, and Eternal Lord. After Isis, Osiris was the most popular and enduring of all the Egyptian gods. His worship spanned thousands of years from shortly before the Early Dynastic Period (c. 3150-2613 BCE) to the Ptolemaic Dynasty (323-30 BCE), the last dynasty to rule Egypt before the coming of Rome. It is also possible that Osiris was worshipped in some form in the Predynastic Period of Egypt (c. 6000-3150 BCE) and probable that he originated at that time.

Perfect addition to your Altar to honor Osiris


Custom Orders accepted
Wholesale available upon request


Three sizes available:
Mini- 4"ht
Regular- 8" ht x 1"w
Jumbo- 9" htx 4"w

Egyptian God Osiris Candle

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