Long has mankind used fire for protection, survival and religious devotion. Candles have long been a part of religious and magical practice. 


“Lilith’s themes are freedom, courage, playfulness, passion, pleasure and sexuality.  Her symbol is an apple.  In Hebrew legends, Lilith is a dangerously beautiful Goddess who refused to subordinate Herself to Adam, feeling She was created as an equal. This makes Lilith perhaps the first true liberationist, and She resolves to make modern life similarly equal for all people. She also boldly instructs us to stand up for what we believe in, unbridled and courageous, no matter the cost. According to legend, Lilith was turned away from paradise for Her ‘crime’, and She has been depicted in art as a demon. This couldn't be further from the truth. Like every Diety and Human Being, each has  a light and dark side. Perhaps she is better labeled, "Half God, Half Devil". 


Perfect to place on your own altar, or adorn your home. 


Each is created on a individual basis, therefore no two will be exactly alike. Please expect slight variation from the Photo shown.   

 glass candle


Available in 3 sizes:
Mini- 4"ht x 1.5 "w
Regular- 8"ht x 1.5"w
Jumbo- 9" ht x 4" w

Lilith Temptation Candle

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