Title of Artwork: Masquerade Zodiac
Year: 2011
Medium: Mixed Media

An art nouveau inspired fairy with the colors, symbol, and flower associated with the each Zodiac sign.

This 5"x7" postcard is 14pt thickness with a UV gloss coated cover for protection. One side features the artwork of Samantha in vivid colors, and the back features title, copyright, and the artists' website. Along with space to write a short note, and a dashed rectangle showing where to place a stamp.

Samantha creates all her artwork in her studio. After a piece is finished she scans it in, cleans it up, and test prints for quality control. Her postcards she designs the front and back artwork and layout, and then uses a U.S. located company to have the postcards printed for her - which insures a professional quality for her product. 

Watermark is only on these images, not on the actual postcards.

Artwork copyright Samantha J. Decker/Samantha Jean Illustrations

Masquerade Zodiac POSTCARDS

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