What challenges are you facing? Are they Mountains to climb or are they molehills? Let's find out with this unique tarot spread designed for just that!


  • There are several ways to receive your personal oracle reading. Choose from phone conversation, Skype, or a pre-recorded video uploaded privately to You Tube for you to refer back to as often as you'd like.Please indicate which method you'd prefer. And provide full name, date of birth, and a photo of yourself. 

    For readings: I'm required to say that this purchase is for "entertainment purposes" only. I am not a medical practitioner nor a certified counselor or psychiatrist. My services should not replace your health and mental professionals. 
    I hope your reading has insights you haven't thought of to achieve what you need to continue on your path. 

  • There is no refund available for any psychic reading, howerver, if you need to reschedule your reading appointment via phone or Skype, please give me as much notice as possible. Preferrably 24 hours notice.

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