one of a kind, hand crafted candle, true love and a flame! perfect combination!




Each is handmade and therefore completely unique, please expect slight variances between candles


3 Sizes available 

mini- 4"ht x 1"w

regular- 8"ht x 1.5"w

jumbo- 9"ht x 4" w


SKU: 333130
  • Refunds will be accepted on the following conditions:

    Product that arrived differs from the product purchased, Product arrived broken, damaged, and/or contents lost. In which case a refund or a replacement will be accepted. please contact me with any questions or concerns. ONE OF A KIND ITEMS WILL NOT BE REFUNDED! 

  • The story of Persephone, the sweet daughter of goddess Demeter who was "allegedly' kidnapped by Hades and later became the Queen of the Underworld, is known all over the world. It is actually the way of the ancient Greeks to explain the change of the seasons, the eternal cycle of the Nature's death and rebirth. Persephone is understood in people's mind as a naive little girl who flows between the protection of the mother and the love of her husband. The myth of Persephone was very popular in the ancient times and it is said that her story was represented in the Eleusinian Mysteries, the great private and secret celebrations of ancient Greece. Source:

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