5ml roll on glass btl


Become your own Master and free yourself from the ties that bind. Take Destiny into your own hands, it is your right and the strength lies within. However, every master needs a bit of help from time to time. Pulling Strings Control oil is specially blended herbs, roots and oils intended to  give your magic intent a big boost. Use on candles, poppets, altar tools and much much more. All you need is imagination and focus. 


Please use as directed, not for consumption. Test for allergies before using on skin or sensitive areas. Use caution when utilizing this powerful oil, any magic used to altar an individuals free will is not karma free. Use your own judgement, and know that what comes around goes around. 


ALTHOUGH I STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT, I AM REQUIRED BY LAW TO SAY: " This product is for adult entertainment purposes only", DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT.. I make no guarantees or claims about this product. I am not a medical doctor and cannot write any prescriptions for you. By purchasing this product, you are presenting yourself to be at least eighteen years old and are responsible for the product once it is in your hands. Never consume any of my products or use them for anything other than what they are intended for.



1glass vial- 1-2 ml 

Pulling Strings Control Oil

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