one of a kind, handmade and designed and worked exclusively by Ancient's Ire. No two will ever be exactly alike. Worked and energized tp compell and control a person or situation. Ancient's compeling spell on the back side of this candle. Use with caution, not for the beginner craft worker. Remain Mindful of your intent, you will reap what you sow. Use wisely.  


Disclaimer: ALTHOUGH I STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT, I AM REQUIRED TO SAY: "This product is for adult entertainment purposes only", DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT.. I make no guarantees or claims about this product. I am not a medical doctor and cannot write any prescriptions for you. By purchasing this product, you are presenting yourself to be at least eighteen years old and are responsible for the product once it is in your hands. Never consume any of my products or use them for anything but the type of entertainment purposes they are intended for.

Puppet Compel worked candle

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