Because each is handcrafted, please expect slight variances between the candles. 


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Divine Design (Trademark pending) made exclusively by Ancient's Ire


Available in three sizes:
Mini- 4" ht x 1"w
Regular- 8"ht x 1"w 
Jumbo- 9"ht x 4"w


One- of-a-kind, Divine Design (Copyright Pending),handcrafted glass candle, honoring the Egyptian Goddess of Destruction, Sekhmet. Perfect for displaying on your altar or to burn for ritual. No two will be exactly the same.


Once burned, refill with a pop in candle, or use as a decorative piece, vase etc... Use your Imagination!



Adoration to You, Het-Hert, Mistress of Iunet, the August One in the Sanctuary of the August One.
The One Shining as Gold in the Sanctuary of Gold, the Atenet, eldest child of the Aten.
I adore Your Majesty with Your heart’s desire, I exalt Your Ka to the height of Nut.
I praise Your Manifestation to the limits of the rays of the Aten; I serve Your Majesty in Your shrine.
The Powerful One, the Great One, Mistress of Fear, Great of Terror among the Netjeru.
The Horizon-Dweller, Mistress of Heaven, the Brilliant One who creates the rays of the sun; the Netjeru rise early in the 
morning to pay You homage.
Your beautiful face is satisfied by the King of Upper and Lower Egypt, Lord of the Two Lands, beloved of the Great Het-Hert, 
Mistress of Iunet, the Eye of Ra.

— From the Temple of Dendera, in S. Cauville: Dendera I

— translated into English by Neferuhethert, c. 1999


Disclaimer: ALTHOUGH I STAND BEHIND THE QUALITY OF THIS PRODUCT, I AM REQUIRED TO SAY: " This product is for adult entertainment purposes only", DUE TO THE NATURE OF THE PRODUCT.. I make no guarantees or claims about this product. I am not a medical doctor and cannot write any prescriptions for you. By purchasing this product, you are presenting yourself to be at least eighteen years old and are responsible for the product once it is in your hands. Never consume any of my products or use them for anything but the type of entertainment purposes they are intended for.


'Sekhmet' Goddess candle

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    (Sekhet, Sakhmet, Nesert)

    Symbols: lioness, cobra, Udjat (Eye of Horus)
    Cult Center: Memphis
    Myths: "the Story of Re"

    Sekhmet was the lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction. She was the sister and wife of Ptah. She was created by the fire of Re's eye. Re created her as a weapon of vengence to destroy men for their wicked ways and disobedience to him (see The Story of Re).

    Having once unleashed her powers for the destruction of mankind, the Egyptians feared a repeat performance by Sekhmet. The Egyptian people developed an elaborate ritual in hopes she could be appeased. This ritual revolved around more than 700 statues of the goddess (such as the one to the left). The ancient Egyptian priests were required to perform a ritual before a different one of these statues each morning and each afternoon of every single day of every single year. Only by the strictest adherence to this never-ending ritual could the ancient Egyptians be assured of their ability to placate Sekhmet.

    She is generally portrayed as a woman with the head of a lioness surmounted by the solar disk and the uraeus. The name "Sekhmet" comes from the root sekhem which means "to be strong, mighty, violent".

    She was identified with the goddess Bastet, and they were called the Goddesses of the West (Sekhmet) and the East (Bastet). Both were shown with the heads of lionesses although Bastet was said to weargreen, while Sekhmet wore red.

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