A lot of us like to think that the Bible is the original, absolute, inviolate word of God. But that comes into question when we realize that many of the biblical stories occur in other, older religions.

According to academia, there are at least 32 stories of other virgin births in ancient cultures of bygone eras. The legends of the surrounding pagan cultures were so influential in the first century that the Early Church was forced to imitate and incorporate them to have their ‘new’ Christian religion accepted

Whether you celebrate Horus, Krishna, Buddha, Jesus, Osiris, Dionisis, Jupiter, Tammuz, Quetzalcoatl, Mirtha, or Baal, just to name a few. . One thing is certain, the story of a Holy child being born to that of a Virgin Mother has been passed down all through the ages. SO CELEBRATE THE SEASON AND THE RETURN OF THE SON/SUN.

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Silent Knight Candle

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