The Empress Jumbo Candle 


14 day Candle, White wax, unscented  (Pictured)


Available in three sizes:
Mini- 4" ht x 1"w
Regular- 8"ht x 1"w (pictured)
Jumbo- 9"ht x 4"w


Each Candle is Handmade and therefore one of a kind, No two will ever be identical to another. Please expect slight variances between the Candles

Divine Design by Ancient's Ire ( Trademark pending)


The Empress is the Great Mother, Mother Earth, the Universal Mother, the Eternal Mother, The Goddess of love, beauty, abundance and creative power. The Empress is passionate and sensual. She births life. She is the feminine creator manifesting nature’s magic in the physical world. She combines love with wisdom.
Her astrological aspect is Venus (the wishing star), symbolizing emotions, love, passion, imagination, the arts and music. The Empress rules from the heart (passions/desires). Her color is green, symbolizing healing love and creativity. Her Number is three, the number of conception, manifestation and new beginnings. She is the combination of the Magician (1), the masculine aspect – self-consciousness, activeness, and The High Priestess (2), the feminine aspect – subconsciousness, emotions and instinct. This combination brings together opposites into a wholeness or balance, bringing forth new ideas and forms into the world. Thus creation.
The Empress is nature, fertility, birth, motherhood, nurturing, harmony and sensuality. She signifies the importance of living in harmony with our earth and its creatures, awakening one’s inherent feelings between earth and the self. She is cyclic like nature, representing the process of renewal. Through her, life force is birthed into the world of form. The Empress is the revolving door of creation and manifestation. All living creations spring forth from her and return to her.

The Empress Candle

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