Who is this wild God who roams the forests, and who loves and protects the Goddess and all her children? He is called the God of the Wicca, Cernunnos, Pan, Herne, Dionysus and by many other names. He is the ancient God of fertility:  the God of forest, flock and field and also of the hunt.  He is Lord of Life and He gives life, He is also Lord of Death and Resurrection.  He is the hunter and the hunted, he is the light and the darkness.   


Hand Made, One-of-a-kind, Truly unique

Due to being made by hand, no two will be exactly alike, Please expect slight variances


Available in three sizes:
Mini- 4" ht x 1"w
Regular- 8"ht x 1"w 
Jumbo- 9"ht x 4"w


The Horned Stag God

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