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What Others had to SAY

Omg!!! You were on point w sooooo much! I've never believed in it, but haven't not believed in it either. I honestly didn't think it would be so on point, even tho it was mostly negative. I am going thru a BUNCH, but I also have a lot of positive in my life also. And the owl thing, totally on point. We've had an owl that is outside on our light post almost every single night in the almost 2 yrs we've lived here!!! Just crazy... Never imagined a tarot card reading would make me be in total awe like yours just did. Thank you soooo much xoxoxo


That was THE most amazing reading I've ever had! Shannon, you are truly blessed, and gifted with intense psychic abilities! I cannot thank you enough!  You have given me a clarity that I've needed for a very long time in my situation. You have also given me a motivation to be strong and not give up!  

I had a great time meeting and talking with Ancient's Ire. She is highly connected with the universe and has great positive energy. She helped guide me to make a decision I had been stuck on. If I had the money I would use her everyday! I highly recommend her! She is the real deal! 


 I would love to hear from you. The last reading was unbelievable. From beginning to the end was so accurate. Can't wait for a next.

-Dalia Gonzalez: 

Paper thin ...... Yep ...Shannon Dobens you couldn't have hit the hammer on the nail anymore perfect !!!!!! 
Sometimes you've got to tear the paper and throw it away with the rest of the trash .....


Wow Shannon that is very informitive I'm in tears the last part is what I am actually experincing right now I wanted it so bad that we kinda fell apart and then after a Lil time 2/3 wks she came back n ever since then we've been taking it slow but everything u said hit the nail right on the head thnx so much I hope to visit u one day

‎Cynthia Merrill‎
 to Ancient's Ire · "The mind is like a parachute, it works best when it is open." Ladies and gentlemen of the Ancient's Ire page, if you have been curious about a reading, then just do it. I promise, you will be pleased. She helped me clarify matters that I was aware of, but kept pushing to the back of my mind. Listen to the voice within, always. Namaste folks










Thank you and your friend so much! I will keep in touch and definitely purchase more readings and let my friends know about you! Thank you again! You truly are the best of the best!




You are amazing! And i cant thank you enough for shedding light on well on everything that has and still is going on in my life as well as helping me cope with and get closure on alot!!! I am finally able to feel comfort in knowing that although my loved ones are passed on they are not gone they are still very much here with me!! Thank you from the very depths of my heart!!!!

-‎Jeanette Knight-King‎ 

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